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FrSky D8R-II Voltage Sensor with HUB for electric aircraft PDF Nyomtatás E-mail
Írta: Magi István   
2014. szeptember 28. vasárnap, 15:52

New dual-voltage divider, which supports the new and old D8R, D8R V2, D8R-II and D8R-II Plus FrSky receivers with Sensore HUB Connector.

The device is available in two versions:

- Asymmetric divider of electric aircraft,
Symmetric divider of Glow and Gas aircraft.

This is the asymmetric version (for electric aircraft):

A1 is 1/4 divider, max. 13.2V to input voltege. The A2 is 1/11 divider, max. 36.3V to input voltage. This corresponds to the old division ratio D8R V2 receiver + Flytron display configuration.

Ideal for electric aircraft (measurement LiPo and BEC)!

Old receivers D8R V2, the middle row to be removed from pods (these can be found in the factory's internal division of the A1).

Connection with FrSky Sensor HUB:

Sample application:
(for electricity airplane)

A1 measures the voltage of the system.
A2 measures the voltage of akku (LiPo).

The negatives get through the ESC.

The voltage divider used display Flytron and Turnigy 9x - er9x FrSky radios are also.

Calibrated setting Turnigy9x - er9x FrSky software:

Listen to the lowercase and uppercase V set (2 × auxiliary divider on / off)!

FrSky LCD display (setup):

The A1 channel receiver should measure the voltage, the A2 channel is used to measure voltage LiPo batteries.

Contact: mail

The receiver is not part of the packet!