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PB2 On- Board Battery Changer PDF Nyomtatás E-mail
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2014. december 23. kedd, 09:58

The PB2 (Power Board 2) is ultra-light battery changer, it combines the duplicate on-board accumulator of GAS and GLOW engine plains, and ensures trouble-free power suply for receiver and servos.

It’s a very useful and cheap on-board cyrcuit. It contains lot of small, but indispensable solution.
It is worth building the on-board power suply with duplicate accumulator and duplicate entry points (towards receiver).

The main technical parameters:

- Duplicate (redundant) accumulator handling,
- Load Capacity: 2x 8A in continuous mode,
- Accumulator voltage range: 2x 3-10V (depends on the other used on-board cyrcuit),
- Very fast accumulator switching,
- Strond booster condesation on output,
- Input side LED feedback,
- Protection against reverse polarity,
- Duplicate, burden-sharing output (towards receiver),
- Slipping apart devoid plugs,
- Dual voltage output for Telemetry (with JST plug),
- Weight: 20g.

The cyrcuit doesn’t contain BEC! The voltage of the accumulator pass it directly on its outputs. The outputs are always switched  on the larger voltage accumulator.

Importance of the duplicate output burden-sharing:

An inner bus supplies the power supply inside of the receiver towards the servos. In case of high current, if you power this bus just one side, then you may overload it and some servo won’t get enough voltage!

One-sided power)

If you power on two edges of the receiver, you share the load and effectuate the safety of the duplicate connect!

(Two-sided power)


The on-board accumulators connect on the „Akku1” and Akku2” side of the PB2. It is suggested to inset one-one piece of main switch. The receiver connects on the „Pow1” and „Pow2” side of the PB2. Connect to two edges of the receiver. (use servo Y cables, if it’s busy)!

One-one piece of LED indicate per side, if it got the voltage.

If our receiver is telemetry, it is possible to measure the voltage of the accumulator one by one through the PB2 JST’s plug.

(Telemetry measurement)

Of course, you need a voltage sensor for measure of voltage. Here you can see the adaptable solution of the FrSky systems, for example:

(Voltage Measurement one by one on the FrSky systems)

Voltage sensor for FrSky systems (GAS engine version).

The plugs protected against slipping apart.

The package does not include the battery and the voltage sensor!


- PB2 Ultra Light On-Board Battery Changer.

For use: